The State Media Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate

Welcome to LMK - Landeszentrale für Medien und Kommunikation (LMK) – The State Media Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate

The State Media Authority of Rhineland-Palatinate is in charge of the licensing, the supervision and the development of commercial radio and television broadcasting as well as the telemedia services in Rhineland-Palatinate. On nationwide issues and services the LMK co-operates with the other 14 State Media and Regulatory Authorities in the Association of State Media Authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany (The media authorities).

Broadcasting is regulated by a number of laws and interstate treaties – such as the Interstate Treaty on Broadcasting (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag), the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM), European directives (especially the Television without Frontiers and the Communication directives) and the State Media Law of Rhineland-Palatinate (Landesmediengesetz Rheinland-Pfalz).

The LMK was founded in 1987. The director, Mr. Dr. Marc Jan Eumann is head of administration and legal representative of the authority. The chairman of the Assembly, Mr. Albrecht Bähr, is presiding a pluralistically composed board of 42 members representing all groups of society in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The key responsibilities and tasks of the LMK are:

Licensing of commercial broadcasters
The LMK is the authority that grants licences for TV channels or radio stations in Rhineland-Palatinate and for services that are transmitted nationwide via satellite.

Programme/Telemedia services Monitoring
Commercial radio and television broadcasting is subject to legal programming requirements which are monitored and implemented in Rhineland-Palatinate by the LMK. Since 2003 the LMK has not only been responsible for the protection of minors from harmful media content in the field of broadcasting, but also in telemedia services – especially the internet – as far as the provider is located in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Technical infrastructure
The LMK supports technical infrastructure and new transmission technologies. To enhance the attractiveness of the region of Rhineland-Palatinate for the media industry as well as for the consumers, the LMK supports the introduction of new broadcasting techniques and increases the diversity of media technologies. Technical distribution of digital radio and digital tv is supported by the LMK.

Media Literacy
The promotion of media literacy has become of the key responsibilities of the LMK in the last years. Media education is an important part of the protection of minors in the media and information society. Therefore the LMK has developed a large variety of activities in this area. All LMK projects focusing on media education and media literacy aim at enhancing competent use of the media by children and adolescents. The LMK offers advice to teachers, parents and young people by organising seminars, conferences and educational training on media literacy and education. The LMK has started training-activities for different target groups – partly in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, local governmental bodies (MKN) and the Open Channel TVs in Rhineland-Palatinate – to improve the awareness of the chances and risks of the multimedia world. The LMK is coordinator of klicksafe which at the request of the European Union is developing a national node to raise public attention for internet safety.

Open Channel TV
The State Media Law of Rhineland-Palatinate clearly supports the development of open channels in Rhineland-Palatinate. In open channel tv, citizens, social groups, associations and institutions have the opportunity to design, produce and broadcast tv programmes. Open channel tv basically has three major tasks: realization of individual freedom of opinion, complementing the local media landscape journalistically and conveying media and media literacy skills. The coverage of local and regional news should be a main programming focus.